Well… It’s Worse Then A Sprained Ankle

That was more than a month ago; so how come you’re still talking about it?

It turns out it’s “posterior tibial tendonitis,” and so far it’s only getting worse. Back and forth to doctors for X-rays and the latest “look see” was an MRI. The giant boot initially prescribed for me was unusable, because it throws off my other foot/leg. I am trying to remind myself to be thankful for the good things I have; however, if I didn’t come from a long line of “buckuppers” I’d be lost.

Wouldn’t you say you’ve always been a bit lost?

Ha, Ha. At this point that’s not even funny. It’s more like I’m stranded here.

And what exactly do you mean by stranded? 

Unfortunately I selected an age on the dial which put me in a semi dementia state, and I just can’t remember where I left my time machine. In other words I’ve misplaced it…