Body of Christ

What are you talking about?

in my pocket






What’s that? I still don’t get it.

There is a tiny wafer (see arrow.)  When/if you take communion, the priest gives it to you.

Well, so what? Why do you still have it? Aren’t you supposed to eat it?

“Technically” you are supposed to eat it, but I found it tasted like cardboard or styrofoam. Since I found out it tasted so awful, I can’t bear to eat it.

So what do you do with it?

I surreptitiously slip it into my pocket. Hence, I have the body of Christ and the bread of heaven in my pocket.

Don’t you think that’s blasphemy? And it’s not in your pocket anymore; it’s lying on the celestial navigation thing, or whatever it is.

No, it’s self preservation. And oh, think about it celestial is an appropriate place to put down roots.

AhO… where are you going with this? Put down roots? What?

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