One of Those Nights

What kind of night are you blathering about?

Hey wait a minute; I don’t blather. I’d rather…

Oh no, here it goes. Watch out… It’s liable to turn into word salad any time you’re not paying attention. Is “those” a homophone?  

No, but I thought it was for a moment, and please don’t ask me why. “Those nights” are the nights when you wakeup at 1:00 AM, and toss around for an hour or more. Finally you leap out of bed; throwing covers and nagging thoughts to the side. However, then I must deal with my kitty cat Luna, and she expects to be fed. Just like those nagging thoughts, she keeps popping up in unexpected places.

What unexpected places?

The Luna Program:
function fed me;
if UnderDesk = mess with DSL phone line connection;
else if TopDesk = go behind display;
else if workTable = throw usb flash drives to floor;

if UnderDesk TopDesk and WorkTable = 0;
race madly from room to room; End if;

You do know that’s not really code, right?

Luna doesn’t care if there are errors in the code. That’s the source code she came with. Who am I to dispute the ultimate designer?

Hey wait a minute; I ask the questions around here.